Client Testimonials המלצות על מיכאל טפר

אחרי 16 שנים של שירות ועבודה עבור לקוחותינו . הסיפוק בעבודה והמלצות הם הכח המניע שמריץ אותנו כל בוקר מחדש לעשות   את הטוב ביותר עבור הלקוחות. לכן, אנו משוכנעים ביכולת שלנו לעשות את הטוב ביותר גם עבורך

פירסמנו רק חלק מההמלצות שקיבלנו.מרבית הלקוחות מישראל עובדים אתנו שנים וחלקם אפילו יותר מ 12 שנים. כך שנוצרו קשרים אישיים מעבר לקשרים עיסקיים

Michael Tepper acted as my real estate agent on two purchases I have made, and in both times demonstrated the importance of having an expert real estate agent. Not only he helped me secure the house of my dreams, he did that with the outmost integrity, dedication, and creativity to ensure my needs and requirements were met at all times. I would strongly recommend Michael to anyone who is looking for a an expert real estate broker.   - Tal Vilenski

Tal V.

Toronto, ON

At the end of the successful sale of my condominium unit on 8 Park Rd. located in Toronto Canada. I would like to thank you very much for what you have done as the broker who handled the deal. Through the whole process you worked with full transparency to me of all details of the transaction. You have given me by phone all answers to my questions. You have sent me all relevant docs well detailed fully explainable. You have made telephone calls Sundays and in late evenings to fulfill your mission. I could identify a thorough will in attaining the goal which gave me the real feeling – I am in good hands. All your actions were done fast and on time so the deal could be closed properly with the buyer. The proof of the pudding is the eating – and by the end result we are in a success story. Thank you again until the next transaction.   - 

Ezra Ben-Kohav


Michael gave us an excellent service, and did his utmost to help us sell our property in the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Toronto. He did not gave up even the sale process took much longer than it should take, and gave us many usful tips to help us close the deal. Michael - thank you very much!


Toronto, ON

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